The problem with Ideas, if you can remember them.

Talking about ideas is one of my favourite past times. It gives me hope. Hope that problems in the world can be solved, hope that I can one day invent something truly awesome, hope of fame and fortune maybe. It makes me feel smart a little too, stroking my ego.
But it can be a double edged sword.
It can be painful, constantly swirling the same ideas around my head, never realising most of them. The hope can turn to frustration. Sometimes, you have to let things go.
I can't let them go though!
So I created to solve my own pain points with all my ideas. These pain points are:
  1. Forgetting my ideas soon after having them.
  2. Wanting honest, if not brutal, feedback.
  3. Know which ideas are actually worth making happen
  4. Finding others who may also be passionate about these ideas, who might help me realise them
Can you relate to any of these pain points?
I now use IdeasKicker to immediately dump my ideas as I have them. By default they are private, so only I can see them. They are also encrypted so not even me the founder can access your ideas.
Then I revisit my personal idea listing and add kicks and drops. These help me to refine my own ideas, self vetting them.
I then have 3 choices for each idea:
  1. keep it private
  2. kick it off (share) to trusted Teams of people
  3. kick it off publicly, where anyone can see it and kick it around
So my pain points are satisfied. With my new habit of dumping all my ideas to the site I am loving it. I still forget my ideas, often within 10 minutes of entering them! When I browse my ideas later I am stoked to be reminded of them. I just love remembering those ideas and then adding to them via Kicks, Drops and Catches. I catch my own ideas, they are the ones I have decided to implement.
IdeasKicker gives my ideas a home, and let's them loose as I see fit, when I am ready.
Try it out at and let me know what you think.


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